I develop inexpensive yet performant websites

The most important part of a website, besides a nice design, is it's performance. It contributes to better placement in search results and improves the user experience. Performance often comes with a high price, but that price is remarkably lower when I create you website using these services.

I develop inexpensive yet performant websites

My tools

I develop performant websites that you can run at a low price. To achieve this, I use several different tools and technologies. If your current website uses any of these services or technologies, you might benefit from contacting me.


AWS(Amazon Web Services) is currently the largest cloud provider on the market. Even if AWS might seem like a great and complicated labyrinth, it enables you to more easily create advanced systems and apps if you take the time to learn its offerings. Some projects I've worked would simply not have been possible without AWS.


DigitalOcean is a cloud provider that offers a simpler interface and more value oriented services. If want more control over the underlying infrastructure of you website, you might want to go for DigitalOcean. Their pricing are more predictable than AWS or Google Cloud, which let's you have more control over how much you pay each month.


Gatsby is an SSG(Static Site Generator) which makes it simpler to create performant websites. I use Gatsby for almost every website I create for my clients. Gatsby generates static websites, which means they can be put on a static hosting service and be served lightning fast.


FaunaDB is a database, but not just any database. It is a serverless database. That means you don't need to handle servers, it scales with your usage, and you only pay for what you use. FaunaDB simplifies development of applications and allows the developer(me) to focus on developing rather than administrating the database.


MongoDB is a NoSQL database, that means it doesn't use SQL or relations like traditional SQL databases. The information in a MongoDB database is simple to work with for developers since it uses a JSON-like format, which is easily read and manipulated using JavaScript.


Next.js is a framework for building web applications. It allows developers to easily create both server-side rendered and statically rendered websites. The framework offers amazing performance and a stunning developer experience. It is currently one of the most popular frameworks for web applications.


Node.js is a runtime that allows developers to run JavaScript, the programming language of browsers, on the server. It's used by many great tech companies and is one of the most popular server environments in the world. You can use Node.js as a web server, but I mainly use it as a runtime on AWS Lambda.

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