Freelancing web developer who helps small businesses save money

Are you paying large amounts of money for a website that doesn't generate any returns? I can help you achieve results and also lower your costs.

Cheaper, faster, safer!

I develop websites using JAMstack. That comes with a few benefits for you as a client.

Save money on hosting

It can be expensive to run a website, especially when you get a lot of traffic. Thanks to JAMstack, this is not longer a problem. It allows you to run your website almost entirely for free, no matter how many visitors you get.

As fast as it gets

Your users expect your website to load in under 2 seconds, otherwise they might go somewhere else. This is not a problem for JAMstack. Thanks to every page being ready at request time and the pages being stored on a global CDN, your website will load instantly.

Avoid getting hacked

You no longer need to worry about your website getting hacked. When using JAMstack, there are no traditional web servers or databases behind the website. That means there are less vulnerable areas for an attacker to exploit.

Who am I?

My name is Carl. I found my interest for web development in my early teens. Since then, I've only continued to learn new languages and tools for building interesting projects. It has become a kind of passion which has only grown larger with time.

More about me

How does it work?

  1. 1Pil ner
    We discuss the website's content, functionality, and design
  2. 2Pil ner
    I come up with a design proposal which you can give your opinions on
  3. 3Pil ner
    I edit the design proposal
  4. 4Pil ner
    I start building your website according to the content, functionality, and design we've agreed upon
  5. 5Pil ner
    We discuss whether or not there are any other functionality which should be added
  6. We launch the website

Sound good?

Let me build a fast, secure, and modern website that is incredibly cheap to run.

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