About Carl Hallén Jansson

I am a freelancing web developer who've worked with individuals and companies from around the world.

How it started

When I was 14 years old a friend of my father needed a website, I was asked to build it. At the time, I was interested in computers and played a lot of video games, but I didn't know anything about building websites.

That question made me curious though: How do one actually get a website? My first thought was that you only needed to visit a free domain in your browser and then you owned it. I also believed I'd be given visual tools to edit the website with.

This assumption was completely wrong. I learned pretty quickly that websites are built with HTML and CSS. I hade no idea what these initials meant at the time.

Eventually, I decided to google: "How to create a website?". That search led me to Codecademy where I learned the basics of HTML and CSS, and later JavaScript.

I then decided to take on the job of creating that website. Though, it didn't last very long and was removed after a few months.

This was in 2013 and it was the start of my passion for web development. I had learnt the basics, and now I wanted to learn more.

When I graduated highschool I knew what I wanted to do: create websites. I also knew that I wanted to work for myself and control my own time.

So... I decided to start freelancing as a web developer.

On the job

Being a freelancer is a challange, like running any business. Not only do I need to work client projects, I also need to market myself, be relatively active on social media, and write blog posts.

It's a lot that needs doing in a day and it can easily become too much to handle. As luck would have it, I really enjoy what I'm doing and it gives me energy.

On my free time

When I'm not creating awesome projects and solving difficult problems for clients I spend time with my girlfriend or play one the many games in my Stream library.

It is also not uncommon for me to create awsome projects for myself or teach myself new tools that makes work a bit easier. Web development is my passion, and I enjoy doing it in my free time as well.

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